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Very Berry Yogurt Swirl Bar

Fresh berries. Greek yogurt. Combined to make the perfect, cold, and sweet treat on a warm day. How refreshing! Am I right?! Not to mention the probiotics and protein from the yogurt, antioxidants from the berries, and less than 100 calories per bar - added bonus!



1 cup Fresh blueberries

1 cup Fresh raspberries

2 tbsp Agave or honey

2 cups Vanilla Greek yogurt, non-fat (this can really be any flavor though – I use the Dannon Light N Fit)


  1. Place berries in a food processor. Blend in the processor until the berries have a runny consistency. Dump this mixture into a bowl.

  2. Add the honey or agave to the berries. Then, fold in the yogurt. If you mix the yogurt in all the way, the popsicles will not have “Swirls”- they will become more of a solid purple color. So, if you want the swirl, be careful to not overmix.

  3. Taste the mix. That’s right! If you want these a bit sweeter, consider adding something like stevia (zero calories) to sweeten them to your liking.

  4. Evenly disperse the yogurt mix into the popsicle molds (6 total bars). Click here for the molds I use, but any popsicle molds can work!

  5. Insert the popsicle sticks (or wooden sticks if you don’t have sticks). Freeze for 6-8 hours.

  6. For easy removal from the mold, briefly run the mold under hot water.


Servings: 6

Serving Size: 1 bar


Image by Ella Olsson


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