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Aligned Health Practice is a group practice of Registered Dietitians Nutritionists, a Nurse Practitioner, and personal trainers. Serving Indianapolis and Northern Metropolitan area, the practice was founded by Sabrina Goshen after years of experiencing the power of nutrition and fitness for her own reproductive health.


Our team offers a variety of personalized nutrition and health services that support overall health and wellness. Each practitioner has a unique specialty- ranging from women's health and weight management to sports nutrition and performance. We believe nutrition, medicine, and fitness should fit into your life, culture, preferences, and much more- without guilt, unsustainable diets, and hours of cardio. The goal is to help you align your mental, social, and physical health using evidence-based nutrition, positive lifestyle behaviors, and collaboration with your healthcare team. Our practitioners aim to do this in a way that is patient-centered, meeting individuals where they are at in their health journey.



Evolve with science


Refuse to believe in the lies, the excuses, and the negative cognitions


Over nutrition, fitness, health, and life choices


BE real and do what we say we will do


Believe in what is true, what is right, and what is honorable


Find individualized, innovative ways to support overall health


Do things right, and do the right thing



Consider all diverse values, beliefs, and feelings in practice


Money should never keep anyone from health


Meet the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow


Give permission to love, accept, and honor health


Working with the patient and medial care team to improve health outcomes by forming a mutually agreed upon plan

Meet The Team



To bring evidence-based health knowledge into the lives of many and equip them with the nutritional and lifestyle tools necessary to align physical, mental, and social well-being.


To impart nutrition knowledge and skills to individuals, apply evidence-based research during the healthcare process, take part on the inter-professional healthcare team, and guide many in creating individualized and sustainable practices that align one’s physical, mental, and social well-being.



Aerial Carrillo

Aerial is Aligned Health Practice's Office Manager and Billing Specialist. Outside of the office, she is a wife and mother to four kids and 4 fur babies. She enjoys volleyball, relaxing poolside, and researching all things childhood development- including best practices for homeschooling her littles. Aerial values health and honoring what the body CAN do. As a working mom, she brings a unique perspective to the team- explaining the importance of routine, habits that fit within a lifestyle, and recommendations that are realistic yet scientific. 

Katie Headshot.jpg

Katie Cox, BS, CPT

Katie Cox, BS, CPT holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a minor in coaching, and has completed extensive studies and certifications in nutrition. This well-rounded background allows her to provide a comprehensive approach to health and wellness at Aligned Health Practice. As a clinical assistant, Katie utilizes her expertise to support patients in their journeys.  She is also an integral part of the AlignYOU Medical Weight Loss program, serving as an exercise specialist who develops personalized exercise plans and offers daily chat support to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals. 


Morgan Beal

Morgan is Aligned Health Practice's Scheduling Manager with a passion for nutrition, fitness, and wellness. After years of being told women shouldn’t lift weights nor should they eat more than 1,200 calories, Morgan finally had enough and proved them all wrong. Now, you can find her busting out reps in the weight room and eating to fuel her body- providing herself with energy to be an athlete, momma to 2, and wife. Outside of these responsibilities, Morgan enjoys reading a good novel and going camping with family.

Image by Ella Olsson
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